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. meanwhile the beaches feel the effect of hurricane bill. >>> thanks for joining us. good evening everyone i'm adam may. weather continues to be the big story tonight and lots to tell you about. heavy rains poured down in parts of the states tonight. you can see that here this evening. closer to the coast the beach is feeling the wrath of hurricane bill. the beaches are closed today due to dangerous surf conditions. the complete weather warning coverage let's condition with bernadette woods she is tracking bill and other storms. >> that's right. a lot going on around the area. doppler warning still some rain out. there not the heaviest of rain that we saw earlier. but when we put it in motion you can see all of that winding down. still seeing the greens and blues out there but lighter rain than what we were dealing with earlier. a flood warning in effect for caroline county until 1 1:30. but what i want to do is show you one more thing. take with me here what we have got going on when we highlight the last two days worth of rain there are areas between 4-8 inches showing up here. this is on
and this is out of the blue just to see where everybody is at and try to help us as a community. this is beautiful. >> reporter: will it make a difference. >> it should. >> reporter: another message isthink about the trash. it is everywhere in the neighborhood. the people say if people would clean it up, it's a start to having pride in the community. >> we need a lot of people just talking to little kids just about keeping their neighborhood clean. then we can talk about the other stuff don't carry guns you don't need to be a gang banger. the latest victim promises... >> disappoint me but it will not stop me. >> and raffson in the hospital and has been released from shock trauma. >> the citizens walk every month in various neighborhoods. >>> a man has died in a freak accident. the lawnmower he was on tumbled down a hill pinning him. the worker was mowing the grass at a commercial property on junction drive. that's when the police believe he lost control of the mower near a steep embankment. and the health administration is investigating. >>> baltimore is closer to getting a casino and retail dev
to the inner harbor where it happened. derek valcourt joins us live. >> reporter: it's a story you'll see only on eyewitness news. the mayor came to see and hear for herself what's happening here in the inner harbor. only eyewitness news cameras were there as mayor sheila dixon made an unannounced visit to the inner harbor, the same place where a feud between the crypts and the bloods turned violent saturday night. tonight mayor sheila dixon talked to tourists, police officers, local store owners, and eyewitness news. >> reporter: what are you looking for? >> well, i just wanted to walk an and talk to some of the police officers, some of the store owners, just to find out, you know, their impression, their feelings, what things do they think they need. and i talked 0 some of the establishments who said that they definitely need to have more security inside. >> reporter: security outside is already a top priority for the city. since the shooting, large numbers of police officers have patrolled the tourist popular area. >> this is one of the things people come to when they come to baltimore to s
influential lawmakers in u.s. history passes away. >> for his family he was a guard yafnlt for america he was defender of a dream. >> tonight the impact and the legacy of the man known as the lion of the senate. >> hello, i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. a black shroud and a vase of white flowers covers the desk of ted kennedy tonight. and tonight america is mourning his passing. jessica kartalija has reaction from massachusetts to maryland. >> reporter: good evening, vic. the massachusetts senator is being remembered as one of the most effective leaders this country has ever had. americans mourn the death of the youngest brother in the american political dynasty. 77-year-old ted kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer overnight at his cape cod home. >> how insulting can you be to make that argument on the floor of the united states argument? >> reporter: during his 47 years on capitol hill kennedy championed civil rights, education, and healthcare. >> he became not only one of the greatest senators of our time, but one of the most accomplished americans eve
of miles away from making landfall it is expected to pick up speed and could impact us here in maryland. eyewitness news is live with first warning weather coverage. tim williams. >>> we're definitely watching the store. there are some very strong thunderstorms moving through our region. we'll talk about that in a moment. what we're going to show you is first warning live doppler to give you an idea what's going on. there are some very strong storms moving through. some are capable of producing hail. these are some storms we're going to keep a very close eye on because they're affecting a good part of baltimore county and carroll county and these storms are definitely starting to trigger lightning, hail, and some strong thunderstorms areawide from baltimore county, the western edge, all the way back toward frederick. as we talked about with danny, danny is a strong -- we'll say a strong tropical storm without a real organization. danny is having trouble getting its acts organized. the circulation is to the west that is good fours, because the circulation is going to be closest to our s
of baltimore county. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. >>> baltimore county police have already begun identifying locations for those speed cameras. the devices are slated to be put up near a number of school zones. eyewitness news is live with the story. derek valcourt has the latest. >> reporter: police say at issue here is really protecting kids in those school zones. but first the county council has to sign on. pass one of these school zone signs, and you may also pass one of these speed cameras if baltimore county police have their way. 12 speed cameras could soon be installed on streets near schools. though which schools exactly, police haven't yet decided, but the idea sounds great to moms like this. >> somebody's gotta be looking out for these guys. speeders have to be kept in check. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. critics argue revenue, not safety is the motive behind speed cameras. >> i think it's another money maker for the camera. it may help in some instances, but for the most part it's a money maker. >> they could just put speed bumps out there. >> th
there they are probably going to see some wind and heavy rain. for us, rough coast will be the he key, so watch out for that. >> bob, thank you. stay with eyewitness news for instant updates on hurricane bill and all of the season's storms. log on to for the latest storm track and our special hurricane session. >>> just 30 minutes ago polling centers opened in afghanistan for that country's presidential election. this is video of hamid karzai placing his ballot into the box. he safely made it to the polls, but as drew levinson reports, militants are make going on their promise to try to scare or prevent people from getting to the polls. >> reporter: afghan soldiers are searching cars headed into the city of kandahar. they are hoping to keep blood shed away from the polls. the taliban has threatened violence against anyone who participates in thursday's presidential election. insurgents are already making good on their promise. roadside bombs have killed at least six elections workers trying to get ballots to the polls. security forces there have' work cut out for them with 6500 polling plac
fellow state employees will lose their jobs. >> they're not nibbling at us any more. you know, this governor is taking bites. >> reporter: the bite is 454 million-dollars with nearly 70,000 employees furloughed. the highest paid lose two weeks salary the lowest will lose three days paid. it will close the day before labor day and other holidays to facilitate the furloughs. the state has cut $736 million, 60% from agencies, 29 from aid to government and 11% from state employees. >> we have one intention -- to get maryland through the other side of this recession as quick -- as quickly at possible. >> why does it have to be us? why us? >> reporter: these employees say the furloughs all right them enough and vowed this time around their voices will be heard. >> the last time we did it because to save state jobs. now hear we're back again another furlough and the employees are losing jobs. >> we have budgets. we cut our budget, it cuts our budgets at home the bills and our responsibility. >> we cannot stretch it any further. i just see that going on and on and on. >> everything
, and eyewitness news was first on the scene. it happened near downtown in east baltimore. kelly mcpherson joins us from the scene. >> reporter: vic, you can see michael phelps black escalade on that tow truck. what happened was he was driving in this direction, down bittle street when he smashed into a smaller car going north. did he not go to the hospital, but wjz is the only news team to have pictures of michael phelps being interviewed by police. you can see him right there giving his statement right after the accident. the other driver, a female, was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. phelps had two passengers with him, and they were not taken to the hospital. at this point, they are not saying would was at fault. >> at this point we don't know, kelly. we know there was a collision. two cars were driving, they collide heat. we're going to find out if alcohol was a fact to we're going to look at red lights. aiu is literally talking to them as we speak. >> reporter: phelps has been released, and they have ruled out alcohol as a factor. i also asked the spokesperson if this was any more
. most activity to the east of us but there's still a batch of showers around the d.c. area southwest of the region, and even a little thunder and lightning around washington. around the city here it's a little quieter, but we still have some stuff going on for the next few hours. in the city, light rain, maybe a rumble of thunder until about 1:00 or 2:00. probably will be repeating the same kind of situation tomorrow and again thursday and friday as well. vic. >> thanks, bob. stay with eyewitness news for up to date first warning weather. >>> police say a three-year-old who died last week was actually murdered. charles bradley was rushed to the hospital after his caretaker said the boy fell down the stairs at a home in severn. he died five days later. doctors called police saying his injuries were not consistent with a fall. so far no one has been charged. >>> a state delegate uses city resources to ask his girlfriend to marry him. it's an elaborate marriage proposal that has sparked an internal investigation at the police department. adam may investigates. >> reporter: some of cardi
tonight. police tell us that gunshots rang out about 10 minutes ago at the inner harbor. eyewitness news has a crew on the way to the scene. we'll have that in a moment. but first, let's go to the light street pavilion. this is apparently where the violence broke out not long ago. about 10:00 tonight. at this point,ault we have con- - all we have confirmed from police is that gunshots did ring out inside the building. and suzanne collins has been gathering information from the police. soats so let's go to suzanne live. what do we know at this hour? >> reporter: well, we know, adam, that it was about 10:15 this evening that shots rang out in the light street pavilion right behind me.  we're not clear where in the pavilion. but apparently two people were shot. they believe one was shot in the leg. and the other was shot in the elbow. they tell me that it does appear that these are a younger people. that it may again be one of these situations that we have been talking about before, about young people getting in fights down here. young gangs. young bands of men who have been fighting and
all those days were behind us. >> steven hains is neighbors with the victim. he's glad all three suspects are in jail. >> i pray and hope that justice will come to them and they will get what they deserve. >> reporter: all three face a long list of criminal charges including attempted murder and carjacking. i'm derek valcourt, eyewitness news. >> lochner has spent most of this decade behind bars. >>> he has arguably one of the toughest jobs in the city and now andre gonzales is getting a bonus. the chairman of the school board says the $29,000 bonus is a reward for his efforts towards greater enrollment and positive gains in a number of areas in achievement. >>> old wounds ripped open today as the man behind the bombing of flight 103 is released from prison. 270 people died in that crash. a student's mother is facing a whole new kind of grief. we have that interview. >> reporter: scottish officials say releasing the ailing bomber was the humanitarian thing to do. others disagree saying this is a horrible injustice to the victims and their families. convicted flight bomber left sc
this train is coming toward us. so they went on the other track. >> reporter: but debris on the northbound track caused a northbound train to switch to the southbound track and hit the boys from behind. baltimore county police informed the teens' families today there will be no criminal charges. >> the detectives talk to the operator and several witnesses and the video from in and outside this light rail train and this driver said he didn't see them. >> let me offer my con dome lenses to the family -- condolences. it's a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: the mta says now that the criminal investigation is over, they will con duct an administrative investigation. >> what it did reveal is there are a lot of civil liabilities. in other words, the behavior of a number of mta employing didn't rise up to -- employees didn't rise up the crime but it was negligent. >> reporter: again, the mta will make its own investigation whether anyone was negligent. i'm pat warren, back to you. >> thank you, pat. >>> welsh take a vote -- well, take a vote. that's gore o'malley's message -- governor o'malley's mes
currents. >> ocean city is open for business. we want people to come down but use common since because of the strong rips. >> reporter: this man injured his shoulder while body surfing. >> it just threw me into the ground. i hit my shoulder on the bought to. >> reporter: as bill passes on, lifeguards will make the call to clear the water, although maximum fallout from the hurricane is expected midnight saturday. >> don't go swimming until the lifeguards are on duty. lifeguards are trained to spot the rip currents. we'll use the whistles and flags to direct people out of the dangerous area before they even get into them. >> reporter: lifeguards say most of their rescues happen after a storm moves on when the water looks calm but is actually still rough. back to you on tv hill. >> bob will have the updated stats on hurricane bill in about 10 minutes. and all weekend long you can log on to for updates, the storm track, and our special hurricane section. >>> a simple ride on the bus turned to horror for one baltimore woman. she unsuspectedly sat down into something that left her wi
us. we start with breaking news. a raven arrested following a false gun scare. we are live tonight. >> reporter: when it comes to this linebacker police say this was the case of unnecessary roughness. ravens rookie linebacker tiny fine is in central booking arrested for assault on an officer police say. it happened inside the inner harbor near johnny rockets. security guards who were on high alert after a double shooting last week called on baltimore police to help them investigate what they thought was four men passing a gun. >> they asked the subjects to stand up. one of them resisted police. the sergeant then approached asked them again. he resisted pushed the officer in the chest. the officer fell. >> reporter: the 6'2'' inch linebacker was arrested by others. police say the item wasn't a gun but a cell phone. fein an iraq war veteran now faces a felony charge. >> you aren't above the law. >> you can't go above the law. i don't think he should play tomorrow night and i think they should suspend him. if you are johnny on the street, official for the police whrks an officer co
it hopes vick will use his stature to make good on his promise to fight animal cruelty. >> you can see an exclusive interview with michael vick on sunday night here on wjz tv. that will be on "60 minutes" starting at 7:00. >>> in a town hall meeting in montana today president obama sought to ease concerns about his ambitious healthcare reform plan. >> if you are one of nearly 46 million people who don't have health insurance, will you finally have quality affordable options. and if you do have have health insurance, we'll help make sure that your insurance is more affordable and more secure. >> critics in the audience asked how the president planned to pay for the proposal. the president's answer? by eliminating waste and inefficiency. >>> one reporter scored the interview of a lifetime, and he's only 11. the scoop he managed to get from the president. >>> new information on the mid- air collision over the hudson river. >>> coming up, maryland, get ready to say ga sun tight. >> i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete first warning forecast coming up next. # >>> it is 72 degrees in cranial
watching us. probably not. welcome home, though. >>> straight ahead, historic landmark flooded. heavy rain fills up the famous churchill downs racetrack. >>> put the phone down and drive. the new call to get cell phones vought the hands of drivers. >>> a rooftop wind turbine in federal hill. would it generate energy or be an eyesore for the neighborhood? i'm derek valcourt, that story coming up on eyewitness news. >>> some showers and possibly storms tomorrow. i'm bob turk. the first warning forecast coming up next. >>> it is 74 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. but first, the home of the kentucky derby sits underwater tonight. look at these incredible picture of churchill downs partially submerged by flood waters. heavy rains pounded louisville today and the water thoued where to go. police and fire crews rescued several people after their cars got stuck in washed out roads. over three i remember vees rain fell in a matter of hours. >>> well, the debate over supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor ran late into the night on th
. heat advisory for a lot of us. >>> derek valcourt on the precautions you can take in the heat >> reporter: this kind of weather can get the best of even healthy people if they don't stay hydrated, and that is why the city has enacted their first code red heat alert of the summer. >> when the sun goes down so do the temperatures. it's a welcome break from earlier in the day when thermometers passed 90 and just kept ongoing. >> i feel like i'm about to melt. i want to take my clothes off all together but they would probably arrest plea. >> reporter: those in their clothes found any kind of shade they could thankful for what little breeze mother nature could produce. air conditioners were working in overdrive on a day when just walking down the street makes you sweat like you've been doing hard labor. >> we're human. we are going to per spire. >> reporter: heat rising off the pavement enough to make people just plain police ecial. >> i prefer snow to hot weather any day. >> reporter: the city closely monitors these weather conditions. that's why through tuesday they are t
was using a screwdriver when they decided to it shoot him, and for 30 minutes everyone on scene thought he was dead until someone saw him move. a suspected burglar of this northwest store was pronounced dead by medics when he was still alive. >> has this ever happened before? >> i have no specific knowledge that this has happened before, you know. it's an anomaly. >> reporter: the fire department's quality assurance team is sorting out how the mistake happened. the man was shot in the head by police when they say he was burglarize ago store. >> a suspect was wearing a mask, lunged at police with a knife-like object. >> reporter: on scene the pair med sick supposed to check breathing, pulse, and look for any signs incompatible with life, like a severe injury or decapitation. he was considered dead for 30 minutes until an officer saw the dead man move. the medics returned. >> we're also trying to interview police on the scene to gather as much information as we can to try and determine whether or not a protocol, rule, regulation, or operating procedures were violated. >> reporter: he gave th
has outlived its usefulness. >> the bullet hit her in the head. she survived the injuries. the videotape shows the brutal act that changed her life forever will be key in davis' defense. >> he faces several serious charges including attempted first degree murder. >> police say witnesses identified davis. >>> we have breaking news it involve as random shooting and police that a 59-year-old woman was shot by a stray bullet hitting in her living room. and it happened in the 2800 block of carver road. she was wounded in the shoulder and is expected to drive. we have a -- is expected to survive. we have more information. >>> and firefighters are investigating what sparked the house fire in queens town. the damage is estimated at $1 million. firefighters say people were in the home at the time of the fire but no one was hurt. >>> the mother who pleaded guilty to starving already child in a baltimore cult will be released from jail. she is not heading home. we're live outside of the detention center. where the mother is going and has reaction from her family. kelly. >> reporter:
made clubs >> jim: fedex field here in landover, maryland. some of us on this crew heading up to the playoffs for the fedex cup. >> phil: i'm coming with you, i'm going to do a little golf tomorrow. >> jim: you're welcome. third down run does not get the first. anthony alridge plugged up. let's look at colt brennan throwing that tying touchdown. he drops back, two receivers to his left, the patriots double cover the slot receiver. one on one on the outside and nice little move by mitchell gets open. the throw by colt brennan ties the game up. >> jim: new england takes a time out stopping at 1:52. >> phil: i think new england is going to change quarterbacks, too once they get this football back. >> jim: pat chung handled the first punt of the night. green handled ever since. gets by mitchell, in to the redskins side of the field and chung with a player on his back takes it all the way down to the field goal range. lindy holmes was along for the ride. >> phil: that changes everything, of course for the offense in a situation like this. >> jim: that was 33-yard run back of 46-yard punt. andrew w
more leads. >> what is $25,000 mean? we need help. anybody with information that can call us to tell us we need that help. that's the simplest way i can put it. >> reporter: not know figure a mass murder is on the loose has residents scared. >> i lock my doors now. i don't -- i try to stay in and i lock my car. if i'm the only one in the car. >> reporter: police have arrested a 22-year-old. he made the 911 call telling them about the murders. so far police have charged him with illegal possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and making false statements. however police will not call him a suspect yet and are asking for the public's help. >> it's not a matter of seeing something. it could be hearing something. >> reporter: police say the autopsies on all eight should be finished by monday. investigators are still gathering physical evidence from the crime scene and say they have no reason to believe any of the victims committed the crime. cbs news new york. >> and tonight there is only one survivor of the attacks and that person is in critical condition. >>> frag tragedy st
on the story. keel he lee mcpherson joins us live outside shock trauma. >> reporter: police say they were not following or chasing this suspect but some witnesses tell me they disagree. but at the end of the day a woman dade here at shock trauma and that suspect is in serious condition. we don't know where the woman driving this car was heading to on calhoun street but it's here where the drive ended violently when a suspected car thief crashed into her. she died at shock trauma. >> i didn't even get a chance to blink my eye. just rolled, and the next thing i know i was smashed up against the wall. >> reporter: we are looking at that time side of the vehicle that was hit by the stolen car. the fire department had to pull her out of the car, and they tell me by the time they got here she already was not breathing. >> the stolen car had been spotted by regional auto theft task force's daily patrol. 10 blocks later the hijacked car t-bened the woman's car. >> when they attempted the follow, something spooked the driver of that honda accord, at which time he took off at a high rate of speed.
. and throw the breaking ball. use the inseem inside. side arm delivery. inside off the plate. >> gary: 2-2, wigginton. and the count is 3-2. orioles down here by a score 4- 2. and find plays made by cleveland. and including the double plays. a strikeout recorded by smith. only three strikeouts in the game 1 each for the three for the indians. , this is tough. you can see where it pulls off. on the other part of the plate. >> gary: 2 down. chad moeller. single and a sacrifice. playing in a that will be inside a little off ta pitch it gets fouled. big game in the west coast. the giants and colorado playing a matchup two teams contending for the wild card. they giants have 59-0 lead. they're in the 8th inning. lost in that. rockies are in trouble 67891 ball two strikeout. they're still in the race but they would then have a 1 game lead over the giants. barry zi. it o has been throwing the -- zito has been throwing it well. >> buck: they had the spirit getting into it. >> gary: 45 days worth of outstanding baseball. coming back on the attack. they are another vise team. the giants are somewh
the scene. >> it's not for us to speculate on what may have caused this at this time. that's for the experts. >> the park is used by many flying the planes. >> we're able to see that. it was someone's plane down and you found out they did not make it. it is devastating because the people that you know. >> just surprises and disappoints me, saddens moo he to no end. they hope that the authorities will find out what happened giving them closure after such a painful loss. >> and they were great people and i hope that they're in a better place now. >> and he is survived by his children. investigators gave no time table on when it will be complete. >>> mike hellgren downtown. the pilot was 61 years old retired from the military in the 1990s. >>> a disruption in baltimore as firefighters are called to the scene of a bank fire. it happened at the baltimore branch of the richmond bank. diesel fuel caught fire in the generator room. firefighters were age to bring the flames under control later this evening. >>> the sort of a new era for the supreme court. sonia sotomayor was sworn in this morning. jo
something, i would want them to protect us. surgery fine says his client every eastbound owned it. >> fine was not injured during the incident. >>> budget officials lay out a furlough plan to get the state of the run. most areas will be shut down war and extra five days around the year. >>> the cash for clunkers program is officially out of gas and money. the deadline was 8:00 tonight. the government provided $3 billion? discounts. dealers have until noon tuesday to submit haul the paperwork. and we have a live report with fan reaction to wes brian's homecoming. >> fans really we'll be right back him well, just not guilty tonight. >> lean from the start. >> rookie quarterback isn't a rookie anymore. rookie coach isn't a rookie anymore. >> joe flacco rules. for most fans it's facing the defensive coach. >> he's been great and took scott with him. got a little animosity there. >> he can definitely come in tonight. >> 24 stadium is packed with purpose. >> they were packing in videoing parties an buses all over the baltimore. >> do you have flacco fever? >> a little bit. >> go, ravens! >> we'r
retained in iran. they are tourists that mistakedly crossed into territory. the u.s. is asking them to confirm reports. baltimore swimming sensation michael phelps has triumphed over his closest rival. in rome today, myriad, with a performance in the 50-meter became the first to break the race. in last year's olympics phelps beat him by 100ths of a second. >>> if you're looking for something to do this weekend, the festival is underway. they promise it will be bigger and better. >> the fields have been transformed into the baltimore festival. >> the festival is a celebration of baltimore's many different cultures. >> good to see you. >> this is the chairman. >> we've been blessed with wonderful diversity. we've been full of they cans that keep us apart rather than together as a community. people come out to celebrate. >> you can enjoy food from jamaica or turkey or get a different kind of snow ball. ball but better. we have all kinds of fruits in there. there and there. at this point, there's no warns in effect. we've lost all of that. the winds are out of the south. that's keeping
saw standing before us president bill clinton. we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> ling and lee were arrested and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor while reporting for al gore's tv network. the families say they're exhausted, but after some rest will eventually tell their stories. >>> loneliness and a lack of a girlfriend led a man to walk inside a suburban pittsburgh health club and open fire, killing three women. that is according to police and a web diary the gunman left behind. as wic johnson reports, the man posted his deadly plan on the internet. >> reporter: a suburban gym near pittsburgh is now a place to grieve. police say the 38-year-old fired 40 bullets into an aerobics dance class before turning the gun on himself. >> he just had a lot of hatred and was hell-bent on committing this act. >> reporter: the instructor of the class, mary primus doesn't want her face shown on camera. she's ten weeks pregnant and was shot twice. at first she was confused when the man opened fire. >> i didn't know what the sound wa
police and the promise of the mayor. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. right now police are searching for a brazen gunman who opened fire shooting two people in the middle of that popular area. tonight we stay on the story live. we have the latest. >> reporter: a very strong police presence down here at the inner harbor. huge crowds all day long despite the double shooting. gun shots around 10:00 saturday night sent dozens inside the area running for cover. >> i was scared, and i was running toward the bus stop and i was scared. >> reporter: a 20-year-old shot in the leg and a 17-year-old shot in the arm after a fight broke out. the latest but not the only violent incident here this year. two people were stabbed in separate incidents in april this teen beat don elliman june by a pack of teens while he was walking. >> probably like hit in the face 30 times. >> reporter: police take violence seriously and have taken several step this summer to provet. they have added more crime cameras, replaced a command. >> we need to be aware and be responsive and we need to continue
wind. you can see on this scale that would put us at an e1. the report will come out tomorrow. you also heard that tomorrow morning day will be going out to access the damage that was viewed in carol county. that's something else we are going to be watching. here's what it looked like earlier. we are showing you all the tang -- all the damage that did happen. you can see in all these blue counties, how widespread the damage was. trees and power lines down in every one of these counties. also if you head down to the beaches, there was a spotted funnel cloud. nothing did touch the ground. but at this point a funnel cloud was spotted. very widespread damage. fortunately the worse looks like it's over. at least for this go around. and we'll have your go around coming up in just a bit. >>> and our continued coverage continues right now. >> reporter: the distance of the damage here, the width of the path just about 2 feet. >> it lifted my car on two wheels and dropped it back down. >> and the wall is caved in, but we can at least live there. >> reporter: kevin dehante's mom injured her wrist
in and see us. >> at mercy high school, athletes at this camp congress frequent breaks. the coaches decided to give the players a break. >> we're out here for an hour, we'll go into the gym and we come out the last hour to finish up, that way, you know, they're not overloaded with the sun. >> sun that drains bodies as well as machines like air conditioners. >> you want to turn your thermostat up to whatever is comfortable for you but keeping it as high as possible helps to cut down on usage. >> and what you are doing by that is you are lowering the train on the power grid and saving money. no one was injured today. experts warning if we have more days like this, stay hydrated and cool and at best stay inside. vic, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> protests and tonight it hits home here in baltimore. hundreds on both sides packed a meeting at towson university. and eyewitness news is live. we were there for the meeting. >> reporter: there are two stories here, one, the hundreds of people who were outside yelling about their opinion to each other and then the lucky 500 people who got i
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